Friday, April 22, 2011

Pablo's Cafe Grill

Greetings blog readers!  It seems as if this blog was simply meant to be!

Today Katie and I discovered a restaurant in an obscure town that we absolutely loved, which leads to another element I want this blog to cover, restaurants that we love!

Katie and I started the long drive from Chicago back to our home towns in Michigan.  We took a pit stop at the Travel Center of America in Sawyer, MI to grab some gas and some food.  We decided to forego the TCA's assortment of taco's, burgers, buffet style restaurant and fried chicken and instead decided to take a journey to find the other restaurant in the area.  Pablo's Cafe Grill.

I admit, I was rather hesitant when I first saw the name, I thought it'd be mediocre Mexican food that would turn my stomach inside out.  As we approach the intersection where Pablo's is located, we saw another restaurant that struck our fancy, the Soe Cafe, but it looked like it was closed, so we went with Pablo's.

As it turns out, it was an adorable little Mexican restaurant located in the heart of nowhere, MI.  The selection was pretty good, a weird mix of Mexican favorites, traditional diner fare, with very Italian chef's specials for the day.

Katie had some chorizo nachos and I had the chicken wrap, (I have a thing for wraps y'all...) which, came with two sides.  Fries, black beans, refried beans, rice, mexican rice (notice the very carby trend?), and mexican coleslaw, which, after asking the waitress, the best description we could get was that it was like coleslaw.....but with purple.  The waitress really was a sweetheart though and obliged me taking pictures of their food and for allowing us to get an order of churos to go.  (Deeeelicious).

I swear one day I'll bring a real camera and maybe things won't look quite so dark.  I'll also take the pictures of the food before I've started eating it.
The thing that truly warmed my heart to this place though was the table talker, which as I was flipping through found this little gem.

As a little side story, Katie and her family stayed at rented cabin just down the street from this place last summer.  We remembered there was a bakery down the street and we decided to stop in and get some presents for her family.  The guy behind the counter was super friendly and joked with us about being from Chicago (Aren't you ashamed?) and told us a very meandering story about another driver "playing games" with him while he lived in Chicago.  The story ended very abruptly, and with the words 'the other guy ended up hitting the brick wall'.  Soooo....I'm not sure, but I think this guy killed someone and was confessing it to us.

All in all, our stop in Sawyer, MI was really enjoyable!  And I'm so happy we discovered these restaurants here, as I'm really interested in trying the Soe Cafe the next time we're driving through.

That's all for tonight everyone!  Peace and love.

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  1. You such a hippie! "Peace and love"!!!

    ps. i love you.