Thursday, June 14, 2012

Golden Road Brewing

On Memorial Day last, Katie and I remembered it was our Four Year anniversary since we started going out. In celebration we decided to try out a new restaurant, Golden Road Brewing.

The best way to describe their menu, is Gastropub. Many different eclectic dishes (including the Banh Mi which I got) that were anchored with some good ol' American favorites like the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast that Katie got (Hands down favorite of the evening). We wanted to get the soft pretzel, but they had just run out when we ordered so we instead went with the Wild Mushroom Risotto Fritters with Vegan Pimento Cheese, which I can only describe as 'meh'. Not much taste to these, but the cheese dip was pretty tasty.

They have a pretty good selection of rotating house brewed beers as well as a large rotating menu of other local brews. I got the Get Up Offa That Brown, another resounding 'feh'. I think it would've been much better with a burger. Katie chose the Golden Road Berliner Weisse, with Woodruff syrup and, well, let's just say she won the night in terms of her choices. Clean taste, slightly bitter, with a hint of vanilla.

Katie and I toasting each other (via Instagram)
Only complaint is the service is a little wonky. You order everything at the bar. The "server(?)" who helped us was very friendly and happy to help us make our selections. You're given a flashy-pager thing like you'd get at an Olive Garden waiting for your table, and when it goes off, you go pick up your food at the counter. When I went, no one was there to help you, you just grabbed your food and left. This seemed to work okay when we went, but I hope they have a better system for busier nights.

All in all, we loved it and will be back. We'll probably bring all visitors and even the locals when we can. Great food, good beers, atmosphere, and prices!

Until next time. Love and PEACE!

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